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Portuguese American beauty Paula Labaredas started her career very promising by winning her very first acting award, the “Shinning star Award.” She then hit the big apple (NYC) landing a starring role as a series regular in an international soap opera, “Mausum.” She has had the honor of working with legendary actor Al Pacino and the renowned producer/director Roger Corman. As a correspondent Paula’s charm, versatility, and doer attitude has given her the opportunity to interview such greats as James Cameron, Morgan Freeman, Patrick Stewart, Buzz Aldrin, Jim Lovell among others.

A model and an internet sensation, Paula’s modeling pics continuously go viral. She reached 9000 followers, within two weeks, on Instagram. Recognized by AOL news as Euro 2012’s main attraction and seen by as having won the SDDC award for her cosplay modeling. Paula has been featured on blogs of Sports Illustrated, Portugal's Playboy, Aol News, Radar Online, NY Post, Huffington Post, Nasdaq, Aol News, Radar online, Daily Star as well as many others. Paula’s image has also graced the pages of Hod Rods, Car Craft, Femme Fatales, CFQ, the cover of Cupcake Magazine , We Rise Mag & numerous newspapers.

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